The Creative Process

Wood Selection

Fallen trees due to natural occurrences are the targeted woods for WHISPERING WINDS WOODCRAFTING. Otherwise left to disintegrate or become fixtures gracing forest floors, the trees arise to better serve in the kitchens of your home; where woods in Maple, Wild Cherry, Walnut, and Yellow Birch form the base woods from which this artist sculpts his pieces. When available, Brazilian Koa and Australian Acacia are crafted.

Artistic Perspective

From the various hues of wood arising from its core, to eventual size and dimension, the intended piece in woods prepared for carving, manifests. The Artist shares, “The woods emerge in shape, innately expressing in substance what it will become in form.”

In the Raw

Stripped of its bark and outer skin, the drawknife outlines its future; a spoon, spatula, spreader, bowl, or other.

Unveiling Image

If a spoon unveils itself in the wood, the design of the spoons bowl is drawn onto the wood, then inserted into a vice whereby all excess wood is removed to reveal the bowl, using various size Gouges.

Get A Grip

To create its handle, wood is placed in a Shaving Horse which holds the wood secured by foot treadle. Here the artist continues removing excess wood with a Drawknife and Spokeshave positioned below the spoon bowl, unveiling the image of the piece.

Tooling Up

Sloyd Knives are used to finish shaping the bowl and handle; then by removing the remaining excesses to form its final shape and personality; it becomes a functional spoon by way of this time intensive process, to finalize design.

  Pure Grit

Sandpaper sheets in various sizes, grades and grit are applied to smooth edges. Each piece is sanded approximately 10 times by applied pressure to dry woods; toward finish by applying wet sanding with finer grit that delivers the soft surfaces and sensual feel present in the piece.

Shine N Dine

The first finish is a Walnut Oil applied and air dried.

Seal of Approval

To seal and preserve the oiled wood utensils, a "Spoon butter" is prepared; a mixture of high quality Bee’s Wax melted into Walnut Oil, to seal, coat and protect the wood for 6-8 months.

Fire Sign

Final step to burn each piece; with Artist signature, tree identification and design date.




Note: All pieces are handcrafted; No power tools are used.