Customer Comments:


“Whispering Wind utensils for me are organic. Hand crafted kitchen tools have soul versus store bought plastics or aluminum utensils that cannot compare in beauty or function. The hand crafted feature of the tools for me contain the energy that flavor and enhanced my meals with love from the artist hands.”     

Lynda Lafair, Seminole, Florida


I received the Whispering Winds utensils as a Xmas gift this year and love having them.  I received both average and larger ladle’s and spatula sizes due to preparing meals for a 7 member family, where deep larger pots and pans are used. Admittedly, these pieces unique; more so fabulous in decor, handy, functional and easy to clean, learning the woods identity and signed by the artist a first for me. For all these features the tools standout, are conversational, special, a labor of love and work of art Thank you.

Val Patterson, Tyler, Texas


What great, gorgeous tools from Whispering winds I own! Love the grip in each handle, the grains in wood, colors and fabulous spatulas that saute’ and stir artfully! Touche’ to the craftsman!

Robert Smith, Seminole, Florida


“Shopping” for your beautiful Whispering Winds wood crafted spoons were a supreme treat and a great surprise. Your workmanship and artistry are remarkable. I can’t wait to share these with dear friends who will LOVE the gifts. I also kept the gorgeous large spoon in yellow birch for myself!

Kristin Joyce, Sarasota, Florida


Whispering Winds utensils are wonderfull functional pieces I love in our kitchen. The wild cherry wood and maple create designs and colors in wood utensils unmatched by any other we’ve used! We love looking at them as art pieces. It gives “the art of cooking” panache’ and beauty-filled meaning.

Michael Ferguson, Largo, Florida